bébé: survival kit

Now that my little man is 4 months old, I've been thinking back about the things that I couldn't have lived without during his first couple of months and I thought I'd share some of them with you. Whether you have a baby now, are planning on having one, or have friends who are having babies, I think this list can be of help. Over the last couple of months I've had three women stop me in the baby section of Target and ask me questions about what things I've needed/wanted/would give a friend. Here is my little list:

Dr. Browns glass bottles
We loved using these glass bottles so that my husband could give our little one one feeding a night. It made me feel amazing to have that one "long" stint of sleep and was a good bonding opportunity for them. With the glass bottles you don't have to worry about all the things you have to with plastic. We never used them in the microwave but you can since they are glass.

Sleep Sheep
This little guy was a sleep saver for me! The first ten weeks my son slept in his moses basket, parallel to us, near the foot of the bed. (Thank goodness for a king size bed!) We loved having him close. Bringing home a baby, wanting rest, not being 100% sure what the heck you are doing...it's all hard. It's even harder when you aren't sleeping. When your new little precious life is breathing in the same room as you it's almost impossible not to overanalyze each little sound. Having the sleep sheep going helped me not to focus on every sound he was making and fall asleep.

Five year daily journal (not pictured)
Truth be told, I found this journal at Madewell years ago and saved it for just these days. I knew I'd want to keep track of little details but wouldn't have time or focus to write them all down. The journal has small spaces for just a few lines for each day of the year. Each day has divisions for 5 years worth. It has allowed me to keep track of mini milestones but also precious moments.

sleeping gowns
Boy or girl...there is no baby that shouldn't sleep in a gown for their parent's sanity. With a little babe who is in constant need of feeding and changing and sleeping, having no snaps, buttons, or zippers to work around is a lifesaver.

aden + anais swaddles
These blankets do it all! We use them as traditional swaddles (our little couldn't sleep without being swaddled for months), to drap cover the carseat to block him from the sun and more, as a burp cloth and just about anything else you can imagine. They are lightweight, easy to wash, and come in the cutest prints. I love the green elephant and the star set.

Moses basket
Our moses basket was given to us by a dear friend and I'm so grateful for it. I mentioned above that we used it to cosleep in the beginning. Once we were ready, we put it in his crib so that he would get used to sleeping in a new room while still in a place he was comfortable with. It is easy to move from place to place, has minky fabric that babies love the softness of (our son would nuzzle his face into the side as he fell asleep), and the lining comes out easy for the wash.

puppy training pads (not pictured)
As silly as it may sound we loved the confidence these gave us while diaper changing. We used them on the changing table so that little accidents didn't become HUGE headaches. We only used them for a few months because we didn't want to create excess waste but while we had them there were plenty of times that were so glad to have them down. 

mother's day 2013

Mother's Day is always an important day for me. I find it entirely important to acknowledge the legacy of mothers who were given to me and set an example of what mothering means. In the years past I have loved celebrating my grandma and mom with my sister. We have gone to some extremely yummy restaurants, wandered through gardens full of blooms, watched movies about both babies and babies of the wild and so much more. 

This year, I got to celebrate them (even though my grandma is no longer with us), my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law, as well celebrate being a mommy myself. We gathered, sixteen of us, perfectly fitting into our backyard for a brunch. We ate mixed berry bread pudding, baked eggs in ham, roasted potatoes in bacon and dates, chocolate, almond and plain croissants, and much more while sipping champagne from the mimosa bar. We sat amongst the freshly planted garden and newly decorated patio under the glowing bistro lights, all along one long table filled with blossoming peonies. BUT, most importantly, we celebrated and enjoyed each other. My husband gave a beautiful toast to us mommies and we were able to relish in all that being a mommy means...surrounded by beauty and decadence, baby cuddles and giggles, and love, love, love.   

Here are a few snaps from our day:

loving this little babe...

this amazing man...

and our teeny tiny family... one, two, three of us!

mother's day

Yesterday, as I celebrated my first Mother's Day my thoughts went back to last year. The day I found out this little was growing rapidly in my belly. I can't believe an entire year has past and he is here to celebrate this year with me. My little man made me a mommy back in January and he has already taught me so much in such a little time. 

He has taught me to be more humble, less reactive, and more soft than I was before. He has helped me learn how to ask for help (I still haven't come close to mastering this one) and that it is okay to not be able to do it all on my own. He has shown me that I am even stronger than I already thought I was. He has allowed me to be reflect on what is truly important, what is loving and true. Through so many smiles and laughs he has transformed my identity. I am a mommy now, and will now forever be. And for that, I am thankful of him. It is the best because he is the best. 

41 weeks and 2 days of progress...

At the beginning of my pregnancy I knew that I wanted to do something creative to document my ever growing bump. I got the idea to make a stop motion video that showed the progress of my little babe. Next up I had to choose a location, an outfit, and a photographer. All these things were complicated. The location needed to be somewhere that I could get to easily, conveniently, and would look the same for 40 weeks. The outfit needed to be one that fit (properly) for 40 weeks. The photographer needed to be someone that would be willing and able to help me execute my vision during and after the 40 weeks. The video below is the result of that. It wasn't easy to always get out there at the right time of day and when all necessary parties were willing and able but...we did it! AND...I'm ecstatic that we did. My husband and I love the final cut and I know my little man will one day too.


Location: my parent's backyard. Outfit: dress from Anthropologie. Photographer/Editor: my amazing sister

The turn of the season always makes me excited. The time change never seems to come soon enough but this year it definitely snuck up on me. (Something about having a little baby to take care of). Since the days are longer and the sun is brighter I yearn for spring.

This spring I plan to...
1] Make all foods fresh. Think quinoa, pomegranate, feta salad & burrata, blackberry, apple salad. Mmmm. 
2] Drink more. More water. More iced tea. Maybe even a cold prosecco here and there now that I'm not preggers anymore.  
3] Turn the TV off and listen to music more.
4] Make a round of the house in the morning and open the windows to let the light and air in. 
5] Nap outside with my little boy nestled in beside me. 
6] Have a "welcome spring and warm weather" get together.
7] Venture to the dessert for some relaxation and soaking in the sun.
8] Dive into some of my Pinterest boards and start making things I've been inspired by.
9] Go for longer walks. Morning walks. Lunchtime walks. Sunset walks. I want them all. 
10] Bask in the gratitude that all things are made new again. The darkness fades. The snow melts. The sun burns stronger. The seedlings bloom.

Do tell...what do you have in mind for the new season?