I am a Californian; born and raised, which you don't get very often. I live in a small beach city of Los Angeles with my adoring husband and our ever growing little boy. I am encouraged by the generosity of my husband, the wonder and joy of our little man, the enduring love of my family, and the unending support of great friends.  

I started this blog to share in life with all of you. I think that people are the most valuable commodity there is and that truth, authenticity, and (most importantly) love are crucial to close relationships. 

I am inspired by the creative and ever-changing world around me. I love when I find things in a shop, a magazine, a restaurant, or on another blog that drive me to figure them out and make them in my own home be it food, an accessory, or something beautiful for my house. When I do, I hope to share about it with you. 

I love the adventures of my everyday life. My love being out-&-about with my husband, checking out our surroundings, and finding every little gem within our so-called bubble while at the same time venturing out further to find the hole in the wall restaurant that gets added into the rotation and we end up not knowing how we lived without. I enjoy travels to far off places but always look forward to returning to the comforts of home. 

I find joy in discovering delicious ways to eat healthy food but also indulging in all the sweets life has to offer. I think it's all about the balance. After all, life is too short not to choose the sweetness of dessert! 

[a bit more of ME]

If it has sea salt, I order it. 

I am a Certified Pilates Instructor. 

I think of myself as a realistic optimist. 

have a degree in Art and a degree in Psychology.

I play soccer and volleyball, both which I started when I was really young. 

My nails are (almost) always painted because it's an instant mood booster for me. 

As a kid, my answer to what I wanted to be when I grew up was always a special ed teacher. For almost ten years, I ran a business working with families of children with individual learning needs.

Anything else you'd like to know? Ask away... find my contact info up top by clicking "get in touch."