5 things: travel

1] a good scarf for warmth and to cover your face if/when you sleep
[covering your face will help to you get less dehydrated because it will recycle the moisture of your breath]
(this adorable polka dot scarf from J. Crew is light weight making it perfect to travel with)

2] a couple good magazines for in-flight entertainment
[I like to have a fashion magazine as well as one that I can be inspired by, like Real Simple or Elle Decor]

3] an eye mask is crucial to tune out anything you want (or need) to
(this mask by Liberty London has lavender in it to help relax you even more!)

4] headphones are the perfect travel companion to listen to music or watch in flight entertainment
(these bright happy ones are by Urban Ears)

5] socks to help keep your feet warm and to help keep them from becoming swollen
(striped high socks from ASOS)


Nicole Marie said...

i always carry extra socks with me. my feet always get so cold...


Scarf is what i've alway got in my bag too.

ps. i really love the color of the headphone :D SO nice and bright!!!


Carly said...


Christal Kay said...

I love tht polka dot scarf and can never have enough mags thats forsure!!

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