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"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck", Emma Goldman.

Don't get me wrong, most girls do love diamonds. There is simply something about the sparkle that you just get lost in the way you get lost staring into a flame. Great as diamonds are, flowers just do something to lift my spirit. I think it's that every little part of them seems perfectly placed.

They really are one of my favorite things to have in the house and a trip to the farmer's market or Trader Joe's just never seems complete without a bundle of them to bring home. Rather than grab a pre-made bouquet I usually opt for different varieties to take home and assemble into my own little creations.

Here are my usual steps. Pretty quick and easy.

1) Choose your containers
[I like to choose ones that provide a variety]

The 3 on the right I made in a ceramics class, the white one on the bottom left is from Crate & Barrel, and the glass one on top left was a wedding gift from my grandma. 

2) Unwrap your selection in the sink, rinse off, cut off any excess leaves, and trim the bottoms at an angle under running water. 

3) Move to your selection to a place where you have room to work. For me, this was the dining room table. 

[This week's selection of flowers were, from left to right, freesia, daisies, ranuculus, and wax flowers. Usually I would choose 3 types but I like to have something like the sturdy wax flowers to thicken things out. Freesias smell amazing and the rest don't really have a smell.]

After this, start your assembly by cutting each stem down so that you have different heights. Place your sturdy, filler-type, in first and then begin to layer the rest in. 

Hopefully you'll end up with something as colorful and enjoyable as this!

The best part is that flowers are so amazing, pretty much ANYTHING that you do to them will look great. Have fun!

[This photo might have been my favorite of the whole process. The perfect detail of each little lilac wax flower.]

*all photos taken for by way of ney

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