happy day to the greatest of men

One of the greatest men that I've ever known would have been celebrating yet another birthday tomorrow with a banana split. It would have been William Merrill's 90th birthday. Although he is gone the love that he gave lives on. I miss the stories. Those of him being a boy on the farm, sleeping with piglets to keep them warm and tormenting his older sister Harriet. Those of him seeing by grandmother for the first time and passing the word around that he wanted to court her. And even those, told over and over, about him being a "Top Sergeant" in the Air Force. There is much I would give to hear those stories told one more time in his own voice. What a gift it was to have him as my grandfather. Needless to say, I'll be eating a banana split tomorrow, for him, of course!

[my grandma Marge holding my sister Carly, myself, my cousin Heather, my grandpa Bill holding my cousin Bo] 
[helping pin his boutonniere at my cousin Sierra's wedding]
[my typical interactions with him...that look says it ALL]
[sharing love at his last Thanksgiving]


Carly said...
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Carly said...

I just cried AGAIN! I miss him so much.

Sierra said...

I miss him sooo much too! I bought all the fixings for banana splits yesterday. I am going to eat a HUGE one tonight in honor of Grandpa! It's still hard to believe he is gone...I'd give up so much too just to be able to hear those stories again. Great pics btw. I love em.

Anonymous said...