my (ney's) twist on SANGRIA

I mentioned drinking Sangria in this post and I think it's time to share the recipe, don't you. Classic Sangria calls for red wine (usually a Spanish wine), lemon, orange, sugar, brandy, ginger ale or club soda. I figured my end goal was a delicious, light, bubbly, drink with lots of fruit and all the undertones of the red wine. So here's what I ended up with:

3 bottles of chilled Charles Shaw Shiraz 
2 bottles of Sparkling Blood Orange Juice (can be found at Trader Joe's, BevMo, and most grocery stores)
6 shots of Triple Sec
a bottle of seltzer water
juice of 3 oranges
juice of 3 limes
[cheap wine or champagne almost always works better than the expensive stuff when you're using it in a mix]
I also used LOTS of fruit to soak in the Sangria as well as on the side as garnishes. The fruit I used was mango nectarines (a new find at the Farmer's Market), white peaches, plums, cherries, limes, oranges, and Fuji apples. 
When it comes to entertaining, I always feel that the presentation is almost as important as the end product itself.  My husband would definitely agree being the design and marketing guy that he is. I decided to stick with the farm fresh, easy-going feel. 
[sangria bonita!]
[the set up]
This was my first time making and creating this recipe and I have to say I was very please from the start to the finish. Cheers!

*all photos taken for by way of ney


Bon Bon said...

Soooo good! One of my favorite summer drinks! xoxo

chanel said...

thanks! this new recipe makes it one of mine now too!