national s'mores day

What do you do when it's National S'mores Day? You get your 91 year-old sweet tooth of a grandma and you celebrate, of course! Wednesday was National S'mores Day so we hit the back yard with all the supplies and got just the results we wanted. 
[everything you need: marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, and screwers]

[said sweet tooth loving on Trex, the pup]
[plus B...]
[plus C!]
There is NO wrong way to eat or make a s'more but I have found that the 2x2x2 works best. 2 slowly browned marshmallows on top of 2 pieces of chocolate laid between 2 graham crackers. Oh so good!
[gotta have some milk too!]
I didn't create the holiday but I sure was happy to celebrate it!

*all photos taken for by way of ney


Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

Nice post, love the photos!
see mine
you might like it :)

Sierra Parke said...

What a fun thing to do with Grandma!!! I can tell by her big happy smile that she had a blast!! That is the perfect thing to do to get her out of the house for a bit. Awesome job Nel!! xoxo

Gloria said...

How did I not know National S'mores Day existed? Guess I'll just have to make up for it next year :-) Your grandma is too cute!

chanel said...

Thanks girls! My grandma really is the best!

Carly said...

"Are you going to have another one?" --Marjorie