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Alright ladies, months ago (here & here) I posted about the Beauty CULTure exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography. Have you been yet? If you haven't been, you need to go. Here are a couple of reasons:

1] It's EYE OPENING! Majorly helps you to expand what you see as beauty and what lengths people should, or shouldn't, go to obtain it. 

2] It's free!

3] It's an interactive, gorgeous exhibit and not one you have to be at all day to feel like you've got the whole experience!

4] It's pretty central to everyone in LA, nestled into Century City. 

5] It closes in just over a month!

Have you already been? 

Yes, what did you think? I was so conflicted about feeling like the beautiful women were in fact beautiful after seeing the documentary about how we are influenced by the industry as a whole.  It kinda made be feel guilty about seeing the models and works of art. 

No. Do you think you'll go? If you do, will you let me know what you think?

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Megan said...

i wanna go...darn it.