DIY: wine + chocolate

Remember this post about wedding shower invites for my dear friend? Well, here are the results from the wine & chocolate night that we planned for her shower. I made tags for the goodies to match the invites and tied them on with sparkly ribbon. Each of the goodies had a little saying underneath like, CHOCOLATE DIPPED OREOS... "Health food might be good for the conscious but Oreos taste a hell of a lot better!" -Robert Redford. Or, CHOCOLATE DIPPED RICE CRISPIE TREATS...Snap. Crackle. Pop. Quieted only by coco. It was really fun to come up with the tag lines! The favorites were the chocolate covered pretzels and the best surprise was the salty potato chips to dip in the chocolate fountain. Red wine, Prosecco, Pellegrino, and, of course, milk to wash down all the chocolaty goodness! 

[milk...cause it does a body good] 

[two salty, one sweet]

[gotta get your fruit servings in...even if they're drenched in chocolate]

[DIY S'mores]


[chocolate fountain in action]


Ianni Training said...

That is my kind of party!!!! Well done:)

Vanessa (the gal) said...

Yum yum deeeelish! Can we please do this for our gels Christmas party?!? Xo mama!

Carly said...

This reminds me of Chocolat.

Ahn said...

why the heck didn't you throw my wedding shower? this is perfection.

Ly said...

That looks like an amazing party. you can never go wrong with a chocolate fountain.


nicole said...

um yum. wish we had these at my wedding shower.

ps love how you made the tags match the shower suite1

Chioma said...

Yummmy! Chocolate just makes everything better!! :)