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When it comes to stuff for my home, I usually love things to be part of a whole (ex: all white or all grey) and then to have pieces that add a bit of color or a bit of flare to the whole. In my kitchen most of the plates, bowls, and mugs are plain white. It makes for gorgeous and organized cupboards. However, after a while it can be a tad bit boring. The perfect solution is to have one set of mugs, or one set of plates, with a color or pattern to add to the mix. The other thing that I love to incorporate is textured kitchen tools, like a canister of wooden spoons or enameled kitchenware. 

These two pieces are the perfect solution to a kitchen that needs a tad bit of spicing up. This fox inkblot mug is from CultureLabel. I love it for the graphic image in black and white and especially for the gold rim. The reason I was first drawn to this set of mugs (fox, rabbit, butterfly and horse) is because they were designed after the classic Psychology Rorschach inkblot tests, and I was a psych major. Then there is this hex opener for bottles from Iacoli & McAllister. I love the solid brass matte finish of it and the genius design. My husband also loves this opener so maybe I need it so when it gets left on the counter I won't mind. Ha ha. 

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meesch said...

Oh I am so glad I found your blog! You have a great eye for design = ) Love it!


Erin said...

Your blog is so lovely. So glad you stopped by mine. I hope to see you again soon. I really like your hand crafted birthday cards, so sweet and pretty.

Love from DC,

Erin (Currently Coveting)


jill said...

Such a cool cup! I love mugs.

x. jill
those ghosts

Megan Abigail Chandler said...

I NEED that in my life .. how incredibly gorgeous is that?

sarah said...

This cup is so gorgeous! Love the blog and your design aesthetic, keep it up :)