beautiful women/stupid men

[photo via tumblr/artwork for by way of ney]

Being a psychology student was double sided for me; a loved it because I loved learning about the (potential) answers to why people do the things they do and are the way they are, but I also ended up as a psychology student because I was was enthralled with what motivates people before I even began college.  

The psychology student in me still loves finding articles like this one for Psychology Today. "Interacting with Women Makes Men Stupid" is about a study out of the Netherlands that found a decline in cognitive functioning during mixed-sex interactions. The stronger the physical attraction the more the subject reported feeling confused, foggy, dazed. 

So there really is something to being rattled just by being in the presence of someone you're really into. So slow down, take deep breaths and don't make a fool of yourself. Happy Friday!


Mary Nevin said...

interesting..i love psychology today. really enjoying reading your perspective on this.

Carly said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA! Mom was just telling me that she's never going to let you tag along to her Dr. appointments because she was shocked to find them suddenly turned to bumbling idiots.

Carly said...

P.S. I love that photo.

Sarah Tucker said...

this makes so much sense (: