coachella comes home

I'm feeling super blessed today because while KC was away working at Coachella this past weekend, he was given amazing products to bring home to me. The swag bags that came home from parties by companies like Burton, Foam, and Rescue Water were loaded with things that I already loved and new ones that I fell in love with at first site. I may not have been frolicking around the desert in a crop top with flowers in my hair, listening to my favorite bands, but Coachella sure did come home to me! What a lucky girl I am!

1] FOAM magazine {}: I wasn't familiar with this magazine before but now that I am I want to live everyday running around in a bathing other words...I'm longing for summer. 

2] Quay {life is too short to simply blend in} sunnies from Australia: Sunnies are one of those things you can't really have enough of. A functional addition to the collection is always welcome but these are fun too!

3] field notes {"I'm not writing to down to remember it later, I'm writing it down to remember it now."} brand of notebooks: I'm stoked to have a new set of these memo books. They are printed and made in the states and launched in Santa Monica this year.  

4] incipio feather iPhone case in sea foam: We all know that MINT is the color of the season. Just when I needed a new case this little beauty came home to me! 

5] URBAN DECAY {beauty with an edge}: When it comes to makeup I'm a pretty basic girl. Having the Urban Decay eye liner in electric is a fun way to spice up my normal day-to-day with a punch of color. 

6] Kai perfume {breath life flow}: The scent of Kai has long since been a favorite of mine. There is nothing more soothing than a scent that instantly allows you to transcend your daily life and be on a beach vacation in no time. One of the best things about this perfume is that it comes in a perfect sized, concentrated roll-on so that you can bring it anywhere with me, you'll want to.  

7] ncLA polish {brewed to perfect in sunny California} in Hollywood & Vine Starlet: Not only does this line come in amazing colors but it is 5 Free which means that it doesn't have the 5 main carcinogens that other polishes have. SCORE!

8] eos {the evolution of smooth} shave cream: This shave cream is the only one I'll use. I've used the vanilla for a long time and it's been my favorite but I'm excited to try out this lavender jasmine which smells amazing. Not only does it smell good but it's loaded with shea butter and natural aloe to make you feel smooth, is not tested on animals, has no animal by-products and is paraben-free. 

9] last but not least, amazing clothes from amazing companies like: 

1 mango & 1 mint colored shirt like these from Blue Life by Planet Blue and 1 bandeau bra from them
this bright yellow Burton twist tank top
a cozy grey shirt similar to these from WkShp
a bohemian tube top from lucca couture

On a completely different note, today is also National Stress Awareness Day. So get outside, take deep breaths, make a list of 5 things you are grateful for, grab a drink with friends. Deny the stress in your life and CHOOSE JOY! 


Kira said...

Sweet deal, they give away some cool stuff!

Allie said...

Awe how awesome that he was able to give you all this stuff! I love foam magazine because it always makes me feel ready for summer especially at this time of the year. And gotta love UD make up and planet blue clothing :)

Catherine said...

Love Kai perfume. It's the best!

Cute blog!

FEST (food, style & travel)

Ianni Training said...

1) i really needed that yummy mint iphone cover yesterday around 9am.
2) I am looking for 5 free polish thats safe for me and Emi. Score!
3) Kai.... really? how perfect!
4) i wanna check out that mag.

KC scored for you!

Carly said...

Lucky girl! I know someone who will be jealous! ;)