10 for the weekend

What a whirlwind of a week it's been. I can't believe it's the weekend already but I am excited that it has arrived. My plan is to relax and soak in all the glory that life has to offer. Why not, right?

I'd like to find myself here

a collection to make you giggle

Rad or Bad, you ask? Ummm Bad.

seriously, thanks for speaking the truth

bracelet that is perfect for the summer

I don't love the shorts but I do love the top!

amazing leather creations for a guy...or a girl

I wouldn't be bummed if this truck was blocking my street

I might need these towels for the beach this summer...too funny

what a beautiful way to express the loss of a legend...I know this pain

AND, in case you missed it:

spring spending

flowers to make any room a happy room

some delightful dishes for the weekend, or any time

Have a lovely one!

xo chanel

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Jamie said...

That towel is cute.