a resolution for [JANUARY]: be more present

So, 2013 started off great. It was like a new friend that I was so happy to meet...looking forward to all the adventures that we were going to have together. Well, I trusted to fast and fell on my face. I was knocked out all last week with the darn flu that is quickly becoming the next news flash of 2013. Although the freezing temperatures sweeping Southern California have quickly become the laughing stock of the rest of the country, and rightfully so, this flu, on the other hand, is NO joke. (PSA, if you haven't already had the flu shot, get it.) Anyway, enough about that. Since the new year rolled around, everyone has been posting about their resolutions. Last year I posted a bit about how I feel when it comes to making resolutions every New Year.  I still feel that way and still believe that when you feel compelled to make a change, you should make it right then. With that as my guide I plan on making a resolve for each month of this New Year. So....

Being more present, living in the moment...they are things I am sure that we all have thought about before, all hoped for. It has become more prevalent and desirable to me as I enter the season where I will soon have a little babe in my arms. A little babe that I will be sharing my time with.  It is one of those things that is easy to say, be present. Got it. However, the efficiency in attaining what I resolve is making it tangible. How do you become more present?


- put my phone away
: don't always have it on my hip at home :
: keep it in my car or purse during coffee or lunch with a friend :
: establish hours when it is off limits :

- remember that NOW is the most important time
It sounds silly but a clock only shows what time it is right now, right? So, my simple clocks, on the wall, on the stove, on my watch, or on my phone should all serve as a reminder to focus on now and now only. I don't want to spend my precious moments focused on the way things were before and how they should have been different OR focused too intently on how things will be one day. There's nothing wrong with being a dreamer for tomorrow but when it steals the joy of today...it's gone too far. 

Well, we're about half way through the month, and my boy's due date is only 4 days away so while January is still here... I resolve to be MORE present. 


Megan C said...

This is a great idea and I think I am going to work on that too. Not just with my phone but just being THERE, in the moment.

Kira said...

I need to do the same thing with my phone. I have to establish rules for myself or something, I look at it way too much!

Carly said...

This is a very good one.