mother's day 2013

Mother's Day is always an important day for me. I find it entirely important to acknowledge the legacy of mothers who were given to me and set an example of what mothering means. In the years past I have loved celebrating my grandma and mom with my sister. We have gone to some extremely yummy restaurants, wandered through gardens full of blooms, watched movies about both babies and babies of the wild and so much more. 

This year, I got to celebrate them (even though my grandma is no longer with us), my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law, as well celebrate being a mommy myself. We gathered, sixteen of us, perfectly fitting into our backyard for a brunch. We ate mixed berry bread pudding, baked eggs in ham, roasted potatoes in bacon and dates, chocolate, almond and plain croissants, and much more while sipping champagne from the mimosa bar. We sat amongst the freshly planted garden and newly decorated patio under the glowing bistro lights, all along one long table filled with blossoming peonies. BUT, most importantly, we celebrated and enjoyed each other. My husband gave a beautiful toast to us mommies and we were able to relish in all that being a mommy means...surrounded by beauty and decadence, baby cuddles and giggles, and love, love, love.   

Just few a snaps from our day:

this amazing man...

our teeny tiny family... one, two, three of us!


Oh Sunnie Day said...

That sounds like such a perfect Mother's Day! You guys look so cute together



Anonymous said...

tears welling up in my eyes. sounds like a wonderful brunch