bottega louie

I briefly mentioned Bottega Louie in my weekend summary last Monday. I also said I was probably going to be writing about it in full and today is that day folks. The first time I went to Bottega Louie was on MLK Jr Monday, for lunch. We started with champagne and portabello fries that were great even though I don't love mushrooms.  Then we had the Sausage Pizza with mozzarella, grana parmesan, tomato sauce, oregano & fennel sausage. The crust was delicious but the fennel is my favorite. The tagliatelle bolognese was DELICIOUS! We had the grand macaron for dessert with cappuccinos. Everything was so good that we couldn't wait to go back.

Finally we were able to go back AND take my family along with us. There is nothing better than sharing things you love with people you love. (Kinda what this blog is about as well.)

You'll find the restaurant at 7th and Grand in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.

[the front of the restaurant]

[the BAR]

[the KITCHEN, which is open and in full view...LOVE]
 The best part about eating with a group is that if everyone orders different things, you get to try different things.

[my beautiful sister pondering the MENU...notice the friendship bracelet from a camper]

[my traditional CAPPUCCINO & a peek at the menu]

[my mom's FRENCH 75: gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and prosecco]
Drinks were amazing (my dad and husband both ordered a coffee and a Bloody Mary and loved them) and we moved onto brunch...


[the EGG SANDWICH: the applewood smoked bacon and Kaiser roll...mmm]

[the LEMON RICOTTA PANCAKES: with blueberry syrup]

[the MEATBALL PARMESAN sliders with fries]
Everyone loved the flavor of their food. The frittata came out a little cold which was a bummer but with a restaurant this big and that much food cranking out of the kitchen, it happens. Other than that, our food was awesome! Fluffy and fresh!

[LE GRAND MACARON: vanilla macaron, french vanilla ice cream & berries]

[four variety: madarin in front, cassis to the left,
fleur de sel on the right & raspberry in the back...raspberry was the favorite!]

[the MACARON case]

[rose macrons and the busy pastry chefs]

[all sorts of deliciousness]
The absolute BEST thing was LE GRAND MACARON. The flaky crust, the gooey sweet inside, the cold fresh ice cream, and the freshness of the berries that give it a little tang. Mmmm...makes me want one now!

*all photos taken for by way of ney

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