chipped wall art

One of the really cool things about walking around downtown LA is all of the things you don't expect to find that you do. Whether that is new street art, old hand painted billboards, a new favorite restaurant, a treat from some where far away, a street that makes me feel like I'm in any country except my own, downtown provides new and unexpected strikes of beauty that make life an adventure.  The weekend of carmageddon, walking through downtown, I stumbled on this amazing site on a wall on Spring Street near the old Pacific Stock Exchange. We were on this street going back to the stock exchange where my dad worked over 35 years ago. Just before we arrived at the Stock Exchange we looked up and saw this...

[photo taken for by way of ney]
[photo taken for by way of ney]

Apparently there are many like this one. They are done by a Portuguese artist named Alexandre Farto Aka Vhils. I think they are just beautiful. I love how the brick comes through where he has carefully chipped away the wall. 

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