summer signature cocktail

So, it was on my list of summer desires and I definitely thought that my vacation to Miami would help me move a step closer to finding the perfect mojito. This article from the Huffington Post about the best mojitos in LA made me think, maybe a blood orange mojito, like the one from Luna Park, is the way to go. How beautiful does it look?

[photo by Maizie Gilbert]

However, I had a blueberry fizz, ok I had two, from the Delano, and decided it was going to be my summer signature cocktail. I bought the necessary supplies and made by first attempt at drink for the 4th of July. It was light and bubbly and oh so delicious. One of my favorite things about it is that it doesn't have too many ingredients. I'm not sure if I've master it yet but I mixed blueberry vodka (I used Stoli) with pomegranate liqueur over ice and topped it off with champagne. I have discovered that with drinks like this, the cheaper the champagne the better. It seems to have better bubbles and a less complex flavor. If you'd like you could also use an alternative to champagne, like ginger ale, tonic, or soda. Obviously this will change the flavor but allow you to adjust how strong the drink it as well as the calories. Will you try to make it on your own?

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