seasonal desires...

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This summer I want to:

1) Travel to where the water is warm, like bathtub warm. I think I'll get my fix while in South Beach. I leave this Sunday for Florida. There is just something that I get out of warm salty water that I just don't get in the chill-you-to-the-bone cold water that we still have here. My husband surfs, and surfs in the winter, so he thinks the water here has definitely warmed up but not for this girl! 

2) Cook more dinners on the grill and eat them outside! Grilled filets, grilled warm spinach salad, grilled peaches drizzled with balsamic... mmmm. 

3) Learn to do things that I'm not familiar with. I'm NOT good at this. I think it's been my lesson so far in 2011. I don't like doing things that I am not a "natural" at. Hence, I hated golfing in Anza Borrego over New Years. I'm hoping that this summer I may be able to be more patient with myself. Maybe I'll learn to crochet or knit.

4) Finish the projects that I've got around. I know I'm not the only one who does this. From home projects, to making jewelry, there are ideas that have been floating around the office and my pinterest boards

5) Do more outside; riding my bike, reading, hiking, maybe even a horse back ride. I've thinking about finding a place and doing this for the last couple of years. This summer might just be that time. 

6) Take day trips to places like Santa Barbara and San Diego. 

7) Master a light signature cocktail. I'm thinking something like a low calorie mojito.

8) Wear big sun hats because, they're adorable AND my face doesn't need the wrinkles.

9) Read the books I've been thinking about for a while. Mostly this one, from this guy.

10) Figure out a new place to make our home. This probably should have been number 1 but it will come when it is meant to. 

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