interesting and controversial

[painting by Pablo Picasso via we heart it]
When you think about all of the things happening in this world that need fixing it can feel really daunting. Like, how could we ever get to the point of feeling that all is well?

Childhood malnutrition is one of those problems. If we can't even get everyone water, how could we possibly solve malnutrition? This NY Times article is so interesting to me. It makes solving this problem seem so easy, just so obvious. It seems the cure to malnutrition is breast milk: all natural, easy, self-sustaining breast milk.

Read the article. What do you think? It reminds me of the controversial story of when Selma Hayek was in Sierra Leone in 2009 and breastfeed another woman's baby. Americans were freaked out over it and yet it seems that the World Health Organization would applaud her.

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