a good reminder

[illustration by yellena james] 
"The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith; and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety."
::George Muller

Yesterday was crazy. Straight crazy. My husband and I broke yet other glass (the cupboards might soon be bare, or the glasses replaced with plastic), I dropped my breakfast on the floor, I drove in the wrong direction for an appointment I was going to, so by the time (11:15pm) that my husband realized that he had left the pants that he needed for today's meeting (in Anaheim) in Santa Monica when we were staying in Hermosa Beach, we just had to laugh and make a midsummer night's drive out of it. Windows down, heater on, music up, wind in the hair. 

Days like this usually happen to me when I feel anxious about something. Right now that is just the question of what the next step of life will hold. Feeling like we're at a standstill and ready to turn the page and explore the next chapter fully. Today, in all the things that went wrong, the lesson was fully realized...SLOW THE HECK DOWN!

It's also days that this that make me appreciate art like this that is serene, peaceful, and pure. They are a good reminder to appreciate the simple and small. 

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