5 things: magazines

Moving always makes to go through the things you have and assess whether or not to keep them and what their value is to you. I LOVE a good magazine! I carted a huge canvas bag of my favorites to the new house with me. I usually have a stack of magazines to read and if I have enough time to get a full range of them these are my usual picks:

1] Vanity Fair: Probably my favorite glossy magazine. Great photos! Great articles! Great interviews! Hollywood, Style, Culture, Society, Politics, Business; what more could you want? The writing in this one is top notch. 

2] Real Simple: Every month this comes I can't wait to read it cover-to-cover and tear out all of the things that inspire me. They have great advice for everything and make it easy. From organizing and cleaning, to recipes that are fresh, healthy, and easy, to beauty reviews, and advice; they have it all. The articles are solid with great writing             and research to back it all up. Overall, it's really INSPIRING. 

3] Conde Nast Traveler: The images and articles in this one will make you get up and book your next trip. Being someone who likes to travel I like to use this one for research and for inspiration. I also love when there is a feature of somewhere I've been and I can compare my thoughts to their thoughts. 
*side note: the photo is of the UK version, hence the different spelling. 

4] House Beautiful: I was recently told that this is a old person's magazine. I'm not sure what makes it one but I LOVE it! I love flipping through and folding pages over to show my man and dreaming about a one day house.

5) LonNY: An unreal experience of a magazine! It is an online design and lifestyle (I made that up, and I think they'd agree) magazine. The first time I read it I couldn't believe how fun it was to "flip" through it and be able to click on the things I loved and find them online. How GENIUS?!? 


SiljeOhlaLA said...

I'm a BIG fan of vanity fair as well, I have to admit I love reading the insider gossipy articles on "high society"...

Carly said...

We definitely got the love of magazines from mom.

Carly said...

We definitely got the love of magazines from mom.