a hot cup o'

Even though it has not been cool enough here to really need a hot cup of coffee, sometimes there is nothing more comforting then walking up and having a big mug of goodness. And, let's be honest, these days I do need the caffeine as well. It doesn't have to be made at home but sometimes it is. These days when nothing seems settled yet (still up to our ears, ok, maybe knees, in boxes) the best thing I can do for myself in the mornings is make one of these... homemade vanilla latte.

[grind espresso]

[tamp the espresso down evenly and thoroughly]

[press in and seal by turning counterclockwise] 
[after adding 2 pumps of Monin syrup, push the water]

[successful espresso shot with a grind of cinnamon]

[steam milk allowing it to spin to create great foam]

[don't heat past 160 degrees or you will burn the milk]

[pour into mug "on top of" the espresso shot] 

[el fin]
You will end up with a cup o' creamy, delicious, comfort! Obviously having an espresso machine helps but it isn't necessary. You can heat up milk many ways and they even sell battery operated milk frothers now at places like Bed, Bath and Beyond and Sur la Table. This is one of my favorite ways to wake up in the morning.

If you aren't quite ready to get down with the hot lattes of fall just yet, no worries, here is the recipe for an iced latte. 


vanessa (the gal) said...

ok, you bring the coffee and i'll bring the key lime pie!! sounds like a perfect afternoon! xo


Christine said...

ok, i NEED this machine..... how much will it set me back?!
i am so sick of spending $3 for a short capp @ Starbucks just because its convenient!

Katharine said...

OMG.. this is making me crave a beautiful cup of coffee!