fall farmers market

There is not much that I don't love about a farmers market. I love that I can find everything fresh for my week; dips & snacks, fruit, veggies, and flowers. One of the things that I really love is that over the past few years as more farmers markets have sprung up, giving more opportunity to shop at them, I have been able to learn about what each season brings locally. It has made the changing of seasons even more enjoyable to know that my favorite fruits and flowers of the season are on there way. 

I wanted to share some of things that I grabbed over at the farmers market today. And, either tomorrow or Monday I will share how I used them. It's just the beginning of fall which means it is just the beginning of finding delicious ways to use what's fresh right now. 

Fruit at the farmers:

[crispy & juicy d'anjou pears] 

[crunchy fuji apples]

White nectarines are, by far, my favorite fruit of them all.  Every summer when they come out I am excited to buy and eat them fresh from the farmers and as every fall approaches I contemplate freezing some to use in recipes year round. The problem is I cannot seem to wrap my head around freezing something that is so beautiful fresh. Anyway, having to come to terms with the fact that white nectarines have now gone out of season here is eased by the fact that as they have gone out of season, pluots have come in. A pluot is a hybrid of a plum and an apricot. 

[pluots by the dozen]


Veggies at the farmers:

[all types of squash]

I came home with:

[dahlias, which I LOVE & mums, which last forever]

[a bowl full of fresh produce]

[mexican squash (top left), eight ball squash (in front), and sweet white corn]

[left to right: flavor king pluots, dinosaur pluots (most likely named after the speckles on the skin), d'anjou pears & chinese dates]


SiljeOhlaLA said...

love this post! which farmers do you go to? the closest one for me is in hermosa, but it's a bit on the small side...
never heard of pluots before, must try!

Carly said...

Mmmmmmmm. Photos are great. And SiljeOhlaLA should definitely try pluots! sooooo good!