FALL: boots with high socks

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In this post about fall, I mentioned that one of the things I was ready for about fall was wearing boots with high socks. Here are some adorable and cozy socks to layer over your skinny jeans or tights and some amazing boots. I love that these ones are all stylish and practical with a flat heel that means you could wear them all day long.  

Find some socks like these at Urban Outfitters, Patagonia, or Woolrich & boots like these at Nordstrom, Frye, Steve Madden

Happy fall booting!


vanessa (the gal) said...

i love this post! what's better then colorful cozy socks! hope you're feeling better Mama!

xxoo- vanessa


Carly said...

Love your graphics again! We both like boot and socks a lot... oh and each other also.

Chioma said...

I keep seeing this trend everywhere i cant wait to get some to rock with some flat boots :))