treasure hunting

If you've ever been to a swapmeet you know that it feels like treasure hunting! Sometimes I go in knowing exactly what I am looking for and sometimes I go in just looking for things that catch my eye and make me all giddy with a vision about what they could become or where they will go in our home. If I find something at a swapmeet (or a garage sale or thift store for that matter) I have to have a vision for it...or else it stays right where I found it.  This past weekend, I ventured down to the swapmeet in Long Beach with a good friend of mine. After we got home we were talking about how our other friends don't seem to love this stuff as much as we do. We love going into the swapmeet and helping each other to find a vision for what it is that catches our eye. This time, we went in with mini lists of what we were looking for. None of what I came home with was on my list but I spent under $75 and scored some amazing finds! I am so excited for them to be incorporated into our home. 

Here are my finds:

[temari, wood block letters (my initials), a vintage leather messenger bag, vintage tissue party decorations]
The vintage tissue decorations I bought from an adorable older woman who was almost as excited to sell them to me as I was to buy them from her. She even ended up giving me two (not pictured here) for free so I was able to give one away and keep one (a pumpkin) to use in another setting. I love the different textures and patterns of these amazing, old pieces. 

VISION: The best part is that my girlfriend bought the others that were left and so now we have lots to share, to use at a party or just stare at. Don't they just give you joy! I can't wait to use them at a party or maybe, one day, in a nursery. 

[I love the contrast stitching of this caramel colored leather bag. Plus, it's in great shape & it even fits my computer!]
VISION: I may end up using this bag for the typical bag like things...carrying reading material, computer etc. However the main idea is that it would be placed on a console table and used as a mail sorter. It has perfect compartments for envelopes, stamps, pens, notebooks and incoming and outgoing mail. Isn't that a fun idea?!?!

[How could I not fall into with the delicate threads of these temari?]
Temari: a Japanese folk art form that is five or six centuries old. They were originally made by mothers or grandmothers for children to play with. They were originally made from the remnants of kimonos. Eventually they transformed from toys to an art form. They are now highly valued and cherished gifts symbolizing loyalty and deep friendship. Tradition is now for a mother to make one for her daughter as a New Year's gift. They are also defined as hime-temari to bring good fortune to the person who keeps them. 

VISION: When I first saw this I was simply blown away by their beauty! I couldn't deny how amazing the delicate layers of silk were. I immediately knew I didn't just want one. I also immediately knew I wanted ones that differed in color and pattern but still worked together. I could instantly envision them in our home as Christmas I just think they are so gorgeous I want them out year round. I am hoping that one day, when the man and I take our long dreamed about trip to Japan, we'll be able to see these made in person and bring home more to add to the collection. 
[It is not often that you can have your initials actually read right facing forward. This "b" would actually print as a "d" and the "c" is flipped upside down so that it reads facing forward...score!]
Wood block letters have been used in printing for a long time. They have become more popular recently to use in all types of decorating. 

VISION: I am just so stoked that I found the two letters of my first and last name and that they read forward instead of backward. The vision is to frame them floating in a shadow box frame over linen. 

As usual, the swapmeet was a hit! Even if I didn't come home with anything I would be happy just walking around with a girlfriend and people watching. Oh the people of the swapmeet! I overheard one lady say, "Oh! I have chili dog all over my face!" Always a good time!


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you're so creative :) awesome finds! i've never been to the long beach flea market, but i shall go soon. wanna go to the melrose trading post one sunday then get lunch somewhere? ps. i went to botega louie last night for the first time and thought of you :)

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these photo's turned out great! i love all the pretty colors! we really scored that day... and i can't wait to put our funky paper decor to work.


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