5 things: hair

I've had a few people ask me lately what I use in my hair. That is probably only because my hair is the longest it's ever been right now (and needs a haircut). So, since you've asked...here is a 5 things about my favorite hair goodies. 

1] square silk scarves: Holds it all back when you need it to. So many ways to wear it! (Watch the video how-to here.) This one is Juicy Couture and I love this ban.do one and you can also find them at your local swap meets and vintage stores. My favorite one is a vintage Chanel scarf (seen here). 

2] elegant antistatic paddle brush: Good for straight and/or static prone hair.

3] goody spin pins: Makes putting hair up in buns amazingly fast and easy and holds all my hair up really well. I also love that they come in blonde or brunette. Seriously, these things are awesome!

4] shisedo tsubaki line: Changed my life forever! Smells amazing and feels even better. This mask is a life saver. 

5] l'oreal elnett hairspray: Great hold with a little shine. 


Anonymous said...

ughhh I wish my hair would grow. Lucky you.

Leah said...

That is the best hairspray! And it smells so good.

xo L.

Erin said...

Oh I have such long hair as well and I am always looking for new hairapy for my ends. I will have to try this mask!


Courtney B said...

LOVE this post! I love reading/seeing what other people use for their hair.
You are one gorgeous lady!

Sydney said...

some sort of scarf is a hair essential! Also, thank you for visiting my blog! So honored!
It's super cool your husband is friends with the Hillsong guys. Slight jealously here. Just sayin ;)

KB {Tragic and Lovely} said...

I have pretty long hair too and spin pins are totally awesome.