baby brunch

I promised today's post would be about the baby brunch we hosted for Dana, so here you have it.  Yesterday seemed to come to was is Monday already. It was one of those days. Hard to get up, hard to get through. Looking back at these photos makes smile so it's a perfect day to share them.

 It was the perfect mini get together. We drank mimosas with fresh squeezed oj, coffee and lemon water. We ate yogurt with berries & granola, muffins, bagels & cream cheese and fruit bowls. We smothered the mama in cute little girly things. (Dana said she didn't want presents but how can you resist the teeny tiny things for a baby can't!) Most importantly of all we got to spend the morning together.

[Tawni, Mama Dana, Me]

I knew as soon as we decided to host this little get together that I wanted to keep the table setting simple and colorful. The table covering is simple kraft paper, the place holders are paper doilies, the vases are plain clear cylinders with zig zag cut fabric tied around them and filled with all types of mums.
[the table setting]
[Emily, Amanda, Ivy]

[a variety of mums, a clear cylinder vase, fabric tie to adorn, a paper doily]

I have wanted to use the gorgeous goodies from Shop Sweet Lulu for quite some time and this was the perfect time to do it. Their product is adorable, they are affordable and they shipped SO fast!
[striped straws from Shop Sweet Lulu and hand stamped place holder doilies]

[favors; cookies in yellow chevron bags and glassine bags (from Shop Sweet Lulu), fabric strap ties, dried mums and millinery leaves]
[striped pink paper straws also from Shop Sweet Lulu]

[Meagan, Me, Mama Dana]

[Vanessa of a fashion gal & a fireman, Ivy, Meagan]

[Mama Dana with the cutest baby girl outfit ever (vest embellished by Vanessa) & Jess]

[my bucket o' goodies for the baby girl]
[cutest trapper hat ever, cutest book ever, striped hoodie towel & more]

[Vanessa, Meagan, Me, Tawni, Jess, Dana, Emily, Amanda, & Ivy]


Ambyr said...

I love the decorations. It's simple and refreshing! Cute flowers on the bags.



Carly Roberts said...

That is such an amazing baby shower. You are a good friend. I love all the details! You are a good one. Also I would like to note that you are a good looking group of laydehs.

canvasofculture said...

beautiful pics! great quality photos:)


debbiecutieface said...

my goodness, if I had the chance to attend a baby brunch I would totally go crazy with the baby presents. I just think baby clothes are the cutest. I love the yellow flowers - so cheerful!

vanessa (the gal) said...

that WAS a fabulous day! thank you for hosting! lots of love from yours truly!

xxo, V

Ariel said...

SO cute! I love how cheery the decorations are!

Megan said...

Beautiful!! Love all of the flowers. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos :)

Erin said...

I'm in love with those adorable pink straws! What a pretty group of ladies it all looks great!


Kate at Dream To Life said...

This is adorable! Love all the little details!

Kasey Lynne said...

You did a great job!! Love the colors you chose...simple and classic.