gift guide: the man

The man in your life, the one who loves you, encourages you, and supports you unconditionally (whether he is your husband, dad, boyfriend or another) deserves to be loved on majorly this holiday season. As do you, of course. But, this gift guide is all about him. If he is anything like my husband, when he needs something, he goes and gets it. Also there isn't much that he wants.  There aren't many things that he openly discloses wanting but these are ALL things that I know he'd love.

left to right:

1]  a surfboard by CHANEL
(an obviously costly gift but one that will either be used well, inspire him to learn a new sport, or look gorgeous hanging on your wall) 

2] limited edition original photo by Laura Bell produced by 20x200
(this one is manly and will give him something beautiful to look at when he's at the office and you're not around.) 

3] DODOcase by J.Crew for his Kindle...alone or with the Kindle to go in it

4] Krave pack of sampler of 5 gourmet jerkies 
(flavors range from basil citrus turkey and curry beef)

5] Timex water resistant watch

6] leather iPhone case

7] freshly picked leather card holder made by hand

8] reversible Quiksilver beanie

9] Ugg slippers with enough structure that he can wear them out of the house too

Sorry that I wasn't able to post the gift wrap ideas as promised yesterday! I promise they are coming soon. Plus, I'm sure you've still got shopping to do first. 

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Happy gift giving!


Paislea Elyse said...

i am in love with that leather iphone case!!!

allister bee blog

vanessa (the gal) said...

these gifts scream casey! except for the Chanel surfboard... unless they ride designer boards in Malibu? ya never know!

xo! V

Shannon Marie said...

This is exactly what I needed! Sometimes my guy can be so hard to shop for, but this breakdown made it simple! Thanks- Can't wait to shop now!

signature mix said...

I LOVE that Chanel surfboard for myself! And that watch and iPhone case for my guy.

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

OMG the jerkey! So funny but such a good idea! This is going in Mike's stocking for sure!


Gloria said...

Love these gift ideas - I can't believe Chanel makes surfboards!

fashion and frank said...

They certainly do deserve spoiling but you are right not always so easy - some great ideas you have though x

Molliee said...

ugg slippers are a great idea! I got my bf those a few years ago!

Bravoe Runway said...

A Chanel Surfboard.......AHHHH! I'd simply get that for him so I can borrow it :D

Underemployed said...

KUDOS to the Timex watch! My favorite of all time.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

O said...

The surfboard looks like a great present (I don't know how to surf though) xoxo