gift guide: mommies with young ones

I'm at that stage in my life when it seems that half of my good girlfriends have babies and the other half are thinking about it. It is super precious to have the little ones of good friends in your life. I seriously love it! If you have good girlfriends, who have little ones, you know that they need some extra love and care. These precious gifts should do the trick. Some amazing gifts for mommy and a few awesome ones for the little babe. 

across the top:

1] a gorgeous long 36" turquoise Swarovski necklace from Tiger Lily Collections

2] a personalized 14k gold disc: can be customized with a letter, number or word of your choice
(if you are interested in this necklace simply email me and 
I'll set you up with my mom who designs and creates them by hand)

3] bamboo felt cloud nap pillow from goodbyebluemonday 
(pretty much everything in this store is adorable)

4] stripey elephant sewing kit from Not On The High Street
(buy this kit and your girlfriend can make this for little one)

5] beautiful and classic tortoise shell watch by NIXON

7] cable net cashmere snood by N.Peal

8] a vegan friendly saddle bag stylish enough for mom and big enough for baby gear


Happy giving and enjoy your weekend! 


Paislea Elyse said...

you find THE BEST bags. i am seriously in love with the last 2 that you have posted on your holiday gifts segments!!

allister bee blog

Daniela said...

I love that little cloud pillow and the watch is great too

kira said...

Great ideas! I really love that bag. Although that necklace is beautiful, as a mom of a 2 month old, it wouldn't be something I could wear right away. I have practically stopped wearing necklaces because she pulls on them, and my hair!

bevy said...

yes, this would be for me, the mom to a three year old. and all I really want for Christmas is a really good uninterrupted night's sleep! But I'll take the bag and converse too!

signature mix said...

I really love all of your gift guides. And such a smart idea including a gift guide for busy moms. Stylish sneakers and a chic watch are so perfect for the mom who's always running around.

Jaki said...

Great selection! Converse are always a good idea.