5 things: movement

Since I've been the Pilates studio about five days a week, playing volleyball one day a week and soccer one day a week, I've been spending a lot of time moving and a lot of time in my workout gear. I don't know about you but I want it to be comfortable, stylish, and practical! These are the things that I need every day.

1] a good bra:  One that is comfortable and supportive is super important for any movement that you do. This one from Target (more colors available) adds the bonus of brightening up your normal day-to-day gear. 

2] a water bottle is crucial: Mine needs to be easy to clean, drink to use, and chemical free. This one from CamelBak has a straw which makes drinking large amounts of water (at least 72 ounces a day) much easier. 

3] easy moving leggings: Lululemon is unbeatable if you ask me when it comes to leggings. I have a pair from 4 years ago that are still in great shape. They really are worth every penny. This will pant is my new favorite and I am totally lusting over them. 

4] all day shoes: Nike Frees are the best in the business when you use your tennies for everything. They are comfortable and great for your feet. The colors they come in are super fun as well. 

5] a hold all bag: A bag like this one from Lululemon that has many compartments makes it easy to cart around everything that you need. Water, your iPod, a separate bag for sweaty gears, a padded compartment if your iPad or the likes comes along with you, and much, much more. 

Now get out there and run about! 


Liz Brown said...

Good to know what you recommend. I have my first (perhaps of several) interviews for PTA jobs today ... so ... I will be needing to shop for stuff like this pretty quick.

Cate and Dave said...

Do you teach pilates!? Or just an avid go-er. I would LOVE to get into that on the side of my real job.

Paislea Elyse said...

ooooh yes! i love that bright purple sports bra! i have the pink, blue, green, yellow and black ones! and they're my absolute favorite for working out! great choice!

drop by allister bee soon!

Fashion Blends said...

Those are great suggestions. The bras at Target are amazing - come in such nice bright colors!!! I would love for you to visit my blog


Ocean Dreams said...

Good job with your active workouts - I need to be more active about mine! Yes, a good sports bra is so so important and everything else that you mentioned too! :)

I really need to try pilates. I'm having a giveaway if you have time to stop by! ;)

Danie at Pasadya said...

This post just makes me want to go run! Or at least walk very quickly. Love your picks! Way to look cute and work out at the same time!

Carly said...

I love that you actually wear all these things.

Ianni Training said...

i love my CamelBak!!