DIY: minted clutch

[DIY clutch and photos for by way of ney]

So we've all got that bag lying around. The one that we don't really use any more because we don't love, or have a purpose for, but we haven't donated to the nearest Goodwill yet either. Well, hold onto to it! And turn it into something beautiful and functional to you. 

You'll need:

an old fabric bag
(could be a zippered pouch, a canvas tote, any one you've got lying around)
(obviously you could always do this by buying a blank canvas bag from the craft store)

(the paint used here is the glossy Sea Glass)

a wide square-tipped paint brush

(the one used here is the Honeydew)

scrap beads
(mine are from a necklace that broke)


Prep your area with something to catch any misguided paint, paper towels and water.
Cut a piece of cardboard the size of your bag and place it inside so that the paint doesn't seep through and stick to each other on the inside. This also helps in the painting process as it keeps the bag rigid. Paint away. I find that it works best to coat the fabric if you paint in multiple directions rather than sticking to a one directional brush strokes. Let it be while it dries. Have a cup of tea or a little snack and when you come back, it'll be ready for another coat. This paint dries quickly! Without a second coat you will be able to see some of the pattern from the original fabric. 

Once your bag is completely dry you can pick it up and remove the cardboard inside. To add a tassel, cut your twine into eight pieces approximately 6 inches long. String your beads onto each end and tie it off so they won't fall off. (You could skip the beads, do one bead on each end, or multiples. I chose three.) Once you have each of the eight pieces strung and tied you are ready to fold it in half, thread the end with no bead through the zipper pull, then thread the beaded ends through the hole created by and at the folded end. This way you don't have any "tying" to do but the tassel is completely attached. 

AND're done! A water resistant clutch to take anywhere. You can use it as a clutch, as a catch all in your gym bag, in the car for backup supplies, makeup, or first name it, it does it! It really is as easy as could be. This whole project probably took me 1 hour (plus dry time). 

Go find that old bag lying around your house and make it new!
Have fun!


vanessa (the gal) said...

love it! make me one!!

BTW, yummy coffee date this morning... sometimes a little day-dreaming just feels so good right?! ;)

xo's, vanessa

Carly said...

It came out great.