engagement guide

As promised last week, here is a gift guide for an engagement of a close friend. 

[one]: CHAMPAGNE; There's nothing better to celebrate with than the couples favorite bottle of bubbly!
The couple I'm celebrating loves the Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs

[two]: NOTEBOOK; Every planning bride-to-be needs a mini, light-weight notebook that they can throw in their purse, car, gym bag, ect so that when a "light bulb", "got-to-have-that", moment hits, they can write it down quickly.
There isn't a notebook on the market that I love better than the Field Notes brand.  

[three]: CHOCOLATE; a good bar of chocolate is like a bar of gold.
This one is dark chocolate, sea salt, and toffee. It's to-die-for!

[four]: HAND CREAM; A hand that's got a brand new sparkly ring needs the hand cream to go along with it.
This one is rich in shea butter which is my favorite because it doesn't feel greasy or sticky and stays on long. The bonus to this one is that the packaging is delightful. 

[five]: BOX; The moment that you realize you're ring is not on you're finger, you panic.  If you have ONE place to put it when you take a shower, wash the dishes, go to bed, you'll feel better knowing it's always there. This is advice I've given to all my friend who get engaged and ask me what I do with my ring when it's not on my finger. 
I love that this dish has a lid so that dust and other bits don't end up alongside your ring. 

[six]: POLISH; The first months, ok years, that I've had my ring I've wanted my nails perfectly manicured. A neutral color that you can paint yourself, or take with you to the salon so that when it needs touching up you've got it, is key. 
Dear Diary polish by OPI for Sephora is a great shade and lasts long. 

[seven]: PJ SHORTS (or lingerie); Every girl needs cozy things that make her feel good. 
Anthropologie always has great pieces

Every great present needs a great card too. I made this one for my friends... 

If you want to make one like this, you can follow this DIY

Happy Friday peeps! Go love on your friends this weekend!



Jamie said...

So great!

Patty said...

Aw this is so sweet! Couldn't have come at a better time too -- everyone I know is getting engaged! Such a nice way to show support :)

Kasey Lynne said...

Wow!! You know how to give a good gift!! These are great ideas.

And I'm NOT a fan of pink by any means, but I really like that nail polish color.

Carly said...

Great ideas!