warmth and relaxation welcomed

While the majority of my clients have been away for Spring Break, some had their break last week, and some don't have it until next week. That means that even though work is slow, I'm still not free to run off on a little vacation. [I'd LOVE to be somewhere warm...with warm ocean water!] That said, I think I can still come up with a little vacation in my own town, a "staycation" as they call it. Tomorrow my sister and I are sold on making it happen. With a day of lounging ahead, I am loving the thought of adorning with these goodies. 

[layout for by way of ney]

1] a bright bathing suit: There isn't anything about this suit not to love. The color is a perfect mix of neon green with a little pastel feeling. A suit that has a top cut like this, without straps, allows you not to have to worry about your tan lines differing from day to day. Plus, those ruffles...so cute and yet sexy instead of juvenile. It can be found at h&m for a mere $29 for the whole thing!

2] a comfortable fit sweater: Although the sun is beginning to creep into our lives more and more [yipeee!], it is still COLD in the shade. Unfortunately this sweater, by Vince, is not available online anymore but a similar one, bold stripes and great colors, is available at J. Crew.

3] a watch to keep it all together: There isn't many a Michael Kors watch that I don't love! And, in my opinion a watch is a piece that should look good and feel good on. 

4] a catch ALL bag: For a day out of the house and about town, being able to transition from brunch, to shopping, to something relaxing [read massage or manicure/pedicure or both], to basking in the sun you need a bag that can carry it all. This drawstring bag from Zara is a great size with perfect style flair. I really love the rope that they used for the closure.

5] a marathon shoe: A comfortable pair of shoes is a must when you know you'll be in them for the duration of a day. I love this pair of leather gladiators by Steve Madden. The best part is they have a mini heel so they aren't completely flat.

6] jean shorts: I know they aren't for every one but this California girl loves her jean shorts. They go a long way for spring and summer wear. You need a good pair too! Like these from Levis, these from Big Star Remy, these from J. Crew, or these from Forever 21.


Jamie said...

I love all of it!

Julia - the Urban Slant said...

This just looks so lovely. Can I please be on a beach? Please?

your sister said...

So excited!

Joelle :: Something Charming said...

Oh, I would love to have an excuse {and the time} to go somewhere warm to wear that suit. So prety :) And I hope you get your vacation soon my dear!