10 for the weekend

the real meaning of unique

I could drink this tea every day!

LOVE these summer flats from J. Crew

the most beautiful ceramics you've seen

dressing like the mermaid you want to be

you should definitely be celebrating this today

some motivation for women who need a pick me up

rachel pally lets us inside her beautiful California home

I LOVE me my Uggs around the house, or even out and about, but REALLY?!?!?

check the beach report of your local beach. our local beach made the Honor Roll. Woohoo! 

AND, in case you missed it...

a girl can dream [striped & bold]

cute as a button baby shower invites

what a princess

a bit about my feeling of late

What do you have planned for the weekend headed your way?
I'll be in my last lecture for my Pilates Certification. Our big test is next weekend. Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend!

xo chanel


Kira said...

Umm...I am not down with wedding Uggs. That is just weird! I understand wearing glitter Toms for your wedding, but for some reason I can't get behind the Uggs.

Carly said...

Beautiful ceramics.
Love dressing like a mermaid.
I agree with Kira ^