DIY: felted garland

While I was getting ready for my best friend's baby shower I knew that I wanted to hand make a few things that she could take home with her and incorporate into the nursery. As she established her nursery theme and colors I had a vision for a pennant garland that she could hang in the nursery. 

With the help of a dear friend who is a felting pro I grabbed the felting wools. I used pure, thick, ivory wool for the triangles and mixed felting wools for the perfect color of coral that I needed. 

Using felting needles and a felting mat I felted her little one's name into the pennants. [You can find felting supplies here.] I love the way the name turned out!

Then I used this "sew no more" fabric glue to attach a scalloped lace along the top. 

After letting it dry over night I cut the lace to match the triangles edges so that it would hang correctly. Lastly I trimmed the top with a sparkly silver ribbon.  

Here it is all finished helping to decorate the welcome table at the shower. Hopefully sometime soon I'll be able to share how it was used in the nursery. 


Kira said...

Those are adorable! I can't believe you actually felted the letters in, I'm much too lazy to do something like that!

Jennifer said...


xo Jennifer

Carly said...

You are so lucky to have a friend like Leanne and Christine is so lucky to have a friend like you! <3

brittany said...

this is maybe the CUTEST garland i've ever seen! i need an excuse to make one!