10 for the weekend

[artwork done by and for by way of ney] 

Although it doesn't feel quite like fall here in LA, I sure am ready for it. My pregnant (eeeEEeEee) self is more than ready for a little cool down. I am ready to snuggle up on the weekends with a hot drink, a cozy blanket and a great movie. How about you? Is the weather where you are feeling like fall?

some classics with a Nashville flavor

I think I'm game for the challenge, you?

 I'm not a moustache fan but I'd kiss this one

easy hair definitely worth attempting this fall

totes I could definitely throw my everything into

some fashion sass I could use at THIS time in my life

these are the kinds of stickers I like to see in public places

an illustrator whose show I'd love to go to and print I'd love to have

it's fall so find a orchard near you where you can pick your own fruit

this amazing girl is proof that some hard sacrifices are worth making to follow your dreams



Ocean Dreams said...

It is definitely fall here in UT and the leaves are beautiful, but falling quickly! Hope you had a nice weekend!

Carly said...

I would totally kiss THAT mustache!!! <3
Thanks for introducing me to Jen Renninger.
Also, beautiful artwork by YOU!!!