i'm back!

[artwork created by and for by way of ney]

Wow! It has been a while since my fingers have happily found themselves to this place. Obviously, I took the summer (and then some) off from blogging and that deserves some explanation. On Mother's Day I found out that I was expecting and that a little one would be joining my world and changing it, in a welcomed way, forever. I felt pretty physically terrible really early on and had little ability to do much besides keep myself fed, clothed, and alive. (Sounds dramatic but some of you have been there.) Partially into the second trimester I began to feel much more functional and I am finally feeling fully like myself these days. I am now 25 weeks along and, at this point, truly loving being pregnant. I feel so blessed that my baby BOY (oh my goodness!) is right at home in my belly, growing like crazy, and I am thrilled that I will get to be his mommy. 

DUM SPIRO SPERO is latin for "While I breathe, I hope" and it's been somewhat of a motto for me the last few months. Even during the complicated transitions of life I find that it can still be very simple at the core. Over the last few months, finding a place of calm in the crazy has felt as simple as that; breath means life and living means hoping. So in the midst of any worries, unanswered questions, concerns, and feelings of being overwhelmed that you (and I) have, let's remember to breathe, and breathe deep.

Thanks for being patient with me while I took some time away. I'm glad to be back!



Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

So good to have you back special girl, we've missed you!

And CONGRATULATIONS - how exciting!! And what a special gift on Mother's Day.

Looking forward to following this last stretch of your pregnancy with you.

Danielle Noah said...


Lyndsay said...

Congratulations! And welcome back!

In response to your comment - I am so embarrassed that I had that up there all day. The one time I decide not to proofread, right.

sidney said...

i cannot cannot wait to hug your neck and meet sweet baby boy xoxoxox

Kasey Lynne said...

Congratulations!!!! That is so awesome girl!!!

And I'm so happy to have you back!

Carly said...

:) I love the artwork. So cool!