thanksgiving [2012]

It's true...I've been given more and better than I ever dreamed possible. And, my hope is that you have too. We've got so much in this life. When things in this life seem tough we have to hope and believe that they will get better. We have too much in life to be grateful for to let the little things (even when they seem big) rob us of the joy of each moment. May we have a perspective through every day we're given of gratitude, so that we become more joyful. That as we count the gifts we've been given, our perspective will change, giving us joy and changing our lives.

a few of my gifts:

a husband I adore, who adores and supports me intensely

a life full of BIG and little adventures

a family who I get to live close to and also have a close relationship with

friends, near and far, old and new...

and a year that's revealed the beauty of true relationships to me

and mostly...the journey of a new life being readied within me.


Liz Brown said...

I think that last thing is the best. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Carly said...

I love you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo