The turn of the season always makes me excited. The time change never seems to come soon enough but this year it definitely snuck up on me. (Something about having a little baby to take care of). Since the days are longer and the sun is brighter I yearn for spring.

This spring I plan to...
1] Make all foods fresh. Think quinoa, pomegranate, feta salad & burrata, blackberry, apple salad. Mmmm. 
2] Drink more. More water. More iced tea. Maybe even a cold prosecco here and there now that I'm not preggers anymore.  
3] Turn the TV off and listen to music more.
4] Make a round of the house in the morning and open the windows to let the light and air in. 
5] Nap outside with my little boy nestled in beside me. 
6] Have a "welcome spring and warm weather" get together.
7] Venture to the dessert for some relaxation and soaking in the sun.
8] Dive into some of my Pinterest boards and start making things I've been inspired by.
9] Go for longer walks. Morning walks. Lunchtime walks. Sunset walks. I want them all. 
10] Bask in the gratitude that all things are made new again. The darkness fades. The snow melts. The sun burns stronger. The seedlings bloom.

Do tell...what do you have in mind for the new season?

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