to begin again

[artwork by Simon Page]

So much has changed since I first started writing this blog. I was living in Santa Monica with my husband in a house we were struggling to make feel like home. I was still in my twenties and my mind would wander into the years to come and wonder where I'd find myself. I was running my business as an academic manager working alongside families of children with disabilities like autism, dyslexia, ADD and ADHD, auditory processing, and even hearing impaired. I would travel around the world often with my husband and around the country to visit my girlfriends. I was living a dreamy life amidst the hustle and excitement of a city that never seemed to sleep. I came to this place to write about all of my adventures. To write about everything I did; food I cooked, things I bought, magazines and books I was reading, projects I made at home.

Fast forward almost three years and I am living in the South Bay, with my husband AND our baby boy. We love our home and it is our perfect place to anchor ourselves each night. It is our safe harbor. I am in my thirties now and I am living the life I also dreamed about; I'm a wife and I'm a mommy. My mind still wanders and dreams and draws up vision after vision for our life and the things I want to enrich it. I realize now that day dreaming isn't about hoping for something other than what you have but rather gathering up the images in your mind you want to create in your life. I get to stay with my baby boy most days. While pregnant with him, I completed a certification program to become a Pilates instructor. We still travel often but it is simply not as easy as it was before our little guy was born.

I am now at a place where I still want to share but my heart holds more than it used to. My thoughts are deeper, more vulnerable. I want this to be a place that women and mommies can go to be inspired by, and connected to, each other and that others (outside the circle of this sisterhood) can go to understand them better. I want this to be a place that people draw from to create the life they want. I plan to share: about movement and the its importance in your life and for your full health, food that nourishes both your body and your soul, stories of love, parenthood and connection. You'll also find companies and sites that I love, beautiful words that pull me along, and mini tours around the towns I love.

Cheers to beginning again! If you've been here before, welcome back!


martin catt said...

i love tour like you...i know how importance of fitness & health...thanks for your blogging.

Carly said...

What Martin said.

Nic said...

I almost launched my blog yesterday (stay tuned) but I kid you not, yesterday I also realized how much I miss yours. It's a happy day ;-)