My amazing husband always finds fun, adventurous, hidden places to go. Somehow he will search through blogs and other websites and find AMAZING places. KTCHN 105 was the latest find. He was trying to find great things for us to do during our downtown staycation. There were certain places, like this one, that we knew we wanted to go for sure and yet we still wanted to try to find new places too.  I was so glad that he found KTCHN 105. It is available by reservation for weekend brunches only. The menu changes frequently as the chef creates and discovers new amazing dishes.

Outside of the restaurant is an amazing garden and fountains and some tables and inside the kitchen and bar area are both open to the tables. Nothing is a mystery here and since the whole layout is beautifully designed, being able to see it all is lovely.

[well designed (& easy to replace) menu that feels like the restaurant. good branding] 
[tables that set right up to the kitchen.
you can see felix the chef, not the cat, in the kitchen in the gray shirt]
[beautiful open bar and prep station & waitresses who don't act too cool
even though the restaurant is the coolest]
We started with the "Strong Joe" coffee, which was just that, strong. But strong good and full of flavor and not strong burnt flavored like a very large coffee chain I know and try to avoid. As well we had a Bloody Mary, Bloody Maria (with tequila) was another option, and a mimosa.

We started with the chilled tomatillo soup with sweet corn in it and a delicious little nugget that I wish I knew exactly what it was. Something corn bread, cheese-ish.

Then we ordered the harissa scramble with sun dried tomatoes, crispy onions on top, goat cheese, and all sorts of deliciousness and the waffle BLT that was more amazing than words or photos can describe.

[harissa scramble]
[waffle BLT]
AND THEN, oh my goodness...the chocolate hazelnut cheesecake. We almost didn't ask about dessert because we were so happy and satiated with our brunch but we were so glad we did because it was beyond beautiful. Creamy, chocolaty, fresh, topped with whipped creme. Mmmm.

My oh my, there was nothing to complain about! If you are in LA over the weekend you must find this gem tucked into the produce district of downtown. You will not regret it!

p.s. all images taken for by way of ney

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