5 things: beauty

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These days that seem to fly by with not enough hours have helped me to realize what things I rely on in my daily "beauty" regime to make me feel good.  It doesn't take a lot these days, or I don't have time for a lot, but these 5 things help make me feel good, refreshed, full of life and still "put together" despite the lack of time spent on myself.

1] clarisonic: Totally renewed the texture and feel of my skin. It takes off my daily makeup and exfoliates at the same time.

2] dermalogica antioxidant hydramist: I can't say enough about it's abilities to keep me feeling dewy & hydrated. I love taking the mini bottle along with me on flights, no matter how short or long. 

3] essie nail polish: I really haven't seen a color I don't like. Stays on long and has a brush shape that even makes it easy to do on my own. Plus, just having my nails painted makes me feel much better over all. Totally a trick to make my mind think I've been spending more time on myself than I have. 

4] tweezerman tweezers: I use these for everything from stray eyebrows to removing flakes of skin.

5] sugaring: Sugaring? you ask. Yes, sugaring from Lisa at SugarMe. Converted me from a waxer & shaver to a sugaraholic. It's all natural (edible actually because it's only sugar, water, lemon juice), hurts less, makes your skin feel great and is ingrown proof. Need I say more?!

If you feel like me these days and need an extra bit of pep in your steps, these 5 things are the way to go. 


Carly said...

Dear Chanel,
Please do not use the clarisonic on your eye balls ever again... at least not in front of me.
your sister

Ianni Training said...

Love my clarisonic even more now that i just bought the NEW deep pore attachment. uh-mazing feeling!