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So, new ventures in Pilates Certification has brought a whole new collection of stuff into my life. Studying Pilates means lots of reading; Pilates books, Anatomy books, and even novels like The Alchemist. It also means long days at the studio (high need for lots of water, caffeine, and comfy clothes). It has even meant some back-to-school shopping for binders and colored pencils (might be my favorite part so far). With all of that, when I leave early in the morning I have to be fully prepared with everything I need. This layout features some of my absolute favorites plus some of the things on my wish list.

cute bras that are good for layers: 
2. this Cosabella one or 
3. this Champion for Target one 
4. a great scarf like this sold out one by Chan Luu
5. a great tank that doesn't cling
6. a great cozy jacket like this Lululemon one
7. a bag that can hold it ALL 
(adorable and well organized ones from Lululemon)
8. Nike Free Run shoes (MY FAV!)
9. a great pair of pants that are slim enough to 
study movement but not so tight they are uncomfortable
10. water bottle-  this one filters tap water 
making it easy to fill and go from anywhere 
11. a notebook to keep track of all the new info

Obviously it doesn't take a Pilates Certification program to have a need for these things. And, just because you are being active doesn't mean all style should go out the window. The golden rule of dressing in things that are flattering for your body type should pervade every type of clothing you buy.  These are great additions for anyone who has an active lifestyle. I find that sometimes all it takes is a new pair of runners to motivate me to get up and go!


Clara Turbay said...

I like this blog. i hope you can check out mine.

Anonymous said...

DID you get that nike watch yet or is it still on the wish list?

Carly said...

love the lululemon bag and your shoes!