hey summer, how'd we do?

"To see the summer sky is (was) poetry..." -Emily Dickinson

Remember this post about my top ten summer plans. Well, today, the last official day of summer, I looked back over it and I think I did quite well.

I wanted travel...I got a trip to Florida to lay in the sun, a trip to San Francisco, Napa & Sonoma to enjoy friends and wine, and a trip to Vegas to celebrate the ending of singleness for a great friend. 

[south beach]
[san fran and wine country]
[vegas water show]

I wanted to cook more dinners outside on the grill...I got a few home cooked ones in but also ate outdoors a lot when we went out. 

I wanted to learn to do things that were new to me...I got LOTS of that, especially learning to be patient while waiting out the bigger plan for our life. 

I wanted to finish projects I had laying around...I finished little ones and bigger ones. 

[old luggage I cleaned up and refinished]
[seashells from our honeymoon in Fiji that I finally framed]

I wanted more time outside...I got it but not quite to the level I wanted. My plan to horse back ride has yet to happen. 

I wanted to take day trips to Santa Barbara and San Diego...that didn't happen. 

I wanted to master a light signature cocktail...I found a few that I like to rotate. 

[blueberry spritzer]

I wanted to wear big sun hats while I basked in the sun...I did. 

I wanted to read the books off my list...I read Two Kisses for Maddy at the beginning of summer and The Help at the end. 

[tear jerker]

I wanted us to find a new place to make our home...we found a new place that we LOVE and actually feels more like a home instead of just another place to be for now.

So basically 8 and a half of my top ten were accomplished. That makes me feel pretty darn good about this last season and about floating gracefully through the next one. Did you get to everything you wanted to this summer?

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Carly said...

I LOVE your seashell circle!