christmas about our house

Wowza! Only 3 days until Christmas!

 I am super happy to be guest posting over at Across the Pond today. My dear friend Megan is doing a series about "firsts" so if you want in on the hilarity of it all check it out. But first...our holiday home! And, if you are joining me from Across the Pond, WELCOME! I'm so glad that you're here. Make yourself comfy and stay awhile. 

I always think it is so fun to see houses around the holidays. Some people can't seem to help themselves and buy everything that lights up, glows, sparkles or says "Tis the Season" to put all around their lawns and their homes. Other decorate hardly at all. Some people have a new theme every year. Always challenging themselves to come up with something new, something different, something that could rival the windows down 5th Avenue. Others stick to the same year after year. This year I was so excited to decorate our new place. Actually having a mantle...yippee! I brought in the standard favorites and added some new things too. 

Welcome to Christmas around our house! Come on in...

Every year I play with the idea of having an all white and glittering Christmas but the truth of the matter is that I can never get away from the ornaments I've had since I was a kid, some passed down through the family. The vintage garlands, felted tree skirts, and nativities as old as me all mean too much to me. I love the look and feel of the nostalgic Christmas we have at our house. 

Trimmed tree...

[from our first Christmas together and a trip to Olvera Street]
[an ornament I gave to KC for our second Christmas]
[ornaments from when I was a baby]
The stockings are hung by the chimney with care...

[my DIY "JOY" sign]

My white and glittering table top...

[a mix of live trees, vintage trees, mercury glass and glittered ornaments]
[a classic wooden nutcracker, a German glittered star and a vintage bulb ornament]
[mercury glass, silver bulbs, and winter berry branches]
[peppermint treats abound]

Our halls are fully decked and we are loving it!

If you want to check out some gift ideas (for you last minute shoppers):
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Happy shopping, happy gifting, happy holiday!


Bethany said...

Beautiful! Happy to be following a new friend! (: P.S. I totally posted ornament pictures but I promise I didn't steal your idea!!

Mariel Torres said...

Stopping by to say hello from over at Meg's... LOVED your story! Best kind of kiss out there if anyone asked me ;).
Oh, and you are a phenomenal decorator! Love all those DIY :)


Michaela said...

Very cute decor! Did you get your feather wreath from Z Gallerie?? We have one from there and it looks very similar (:

kira said...

I love your old tree ornaments. My mom seems to think that my baby ornaments belong on her tree and not mine. I need to convince her to give them to me.

bevy said...

Your home looks so festive! the old ornaments are so cute too!

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

Wow your home looks amazing! Very cheery!


Liz Brown said...

I came from Across the Pond ... and I'm following you now :) WOW, just sayin, of alllll the Christmas decorations and things on the blogs out there this year, I like yours the best. Its beautiful. Especially the old/new blend. said...

your decor is so amazing! Love all the vintage memories! <3

Kasey Lynne said...

Your house looks(ed) BEAUTIFUL!!! You did such a great job.

I will be hiring you next year to come and decorate my house. thanks.

Carly said...

Thanks for decorating your house for me to enjoy! It really cheered me up being over there!