wrap it up!

As promised many times last week....gift wrap ideas are finally here today! I think that the way a gift is all wrapped up is just as important (well almost) as what is inside. I think it should be thoughtful and inspiring.

This year I started with bits like these that are both vintage and vintage inspired:

I used kraft paper, white boxes, or jars to wrap up most of my gifts. I love kraft paper because it is has such a raw and natural feel to it, you can find it recycled, it's cheap and it provides a great contrast to add sparkly ribbons and additions to. If you don't have kraft paper laying around you can always cut up a paper grocery sack and flip it inside out.

And, I ended up with these:

[a topiary for my friend Ivy]

[cut into a shoe box, wrapped it in kraft paper, tied layers of ribbon over a doily] 

[layered yarn with a white glittered snowflake, topped with a teeny snowman] 
[these little boxes of cookies and fleur de sel caramels went to each of the families I work with]
[kraft paper wrapped with red layered yarn with glittered thread and topped with vintage angels]

[are they just the cutest things?!?! A gift themselves!]

[a glittered bag with a kraft paper tag]

[jarred chocolate covered bing cherries]

How about you? What do your gifts look like this year? Have you wrapped them up yet or do you still have lots to go? Do you usually have a theme to your wrapping or do you just wrap away?


Adele said...

Adorable wrapping! I'm a bit of a gift wrap lover & would soooo love a pretty gift like these...your family & friends are so lucky xoxo

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness that little snowman atop the gift is killing me. SO cute!

Daniela said...

I love the jar! The decor is very pretty and you can then reuse the jar for something else

iheartkiwi said...

You can never go wrong with classic kraft paper!

I am doing kraft paper with colorful Japanese Washi tape to keep things fun!

bevy said...

those little angels are the cutest!

kira said...

I really like how you wrapped them in yarn, super cute!

Samantha said...

Love your blog! Super cute :)

Shutterbug said...

great gift wrapping ideas! Merry christmas! :)

Carly said...

There's my present!!!!! I like the outside too!