merry, merry, merry

I can't believe it is Friday December 23rd already! Christmas is so close and so is a little break I'll be taking from the blog world & the real life job. I am happy happy happy to be heading out of town for a few days after Christmas on a mini road trip up the coast of California. We'll be doing a lot of driving, a little wine tasting, some relaxing, people watching and exploring and we'll end up at the Bacara Resort (one of my favorite places) in Santa Barbara for NYE. I can't help but be forever grateful to the gifts that have been given since I started this blog in June. So much love and so much support have come from all of you reaching out during the last few months of hard times for me. I honestly LOVE you all for it!

If you need a bit more holiday: 

my wish list and gift guides

wrapping ideas

awesome outfits all planned out

a holiday clip to make you laugh

and one that might make you cry

something yummy to eat

and, lastly, something amazing to listen to

I hope that your Christmas is all that you want it to be and that your New Year's celebration is just a mere reflection of the blessed year to come. Cheers to 2012, fresh starts, and a fresh new season of life.



Hannah said...

merry merry (almost) christmas! have a safe trip! you lucky thing!

kira said...

Merry Christmas! It sounds like you have a lot of fun ahead of you!

K said...

Merry Christmas! Enjoy your upcoming adventures, they all sound wonderful!

Liz Brown said...

Merry Christmas! A road trip is a great idea, when you're in CA and theres no snow or ice to contend with :) Have a wonderful time.

Shutterbug said...

Merry christmas! Hope that you have a lot of fun this holiday season!

Ocean Dreams said...

Merry Christmas, have a beautiful holiday!

bevy said...

enjoy your break! hope your Christmas was merry!

Christy and Drew said...

How do I not know that you are road tripping! Hope you guys are having a great time and had an amazing Christmas. Love you! said...

Hope you had an amazing Christmas!! <3 Merry belated Christmas btw!