how-to [cold weather] clothe

We are in Chicago for a couple of days and we are loving the quick jet set to the east but it is cold here! 
We are staying at this, our favorite, hotel.
There isn't really anything that we don't love about a W. It's our go-to hotel in any city we're in. 

When I was packing for our fast few days away I couldn't wrap my head around how to pack for it being much colder than I am used to. I didn't want to stay tucked away in the warm hotel (though it was VERY tempting) and wanted to get out and about since I didn't have much time here. What is hard about the cold weather is going from the freezing outside air to the warm inside. The layers must go on and come off very easily. My solution is below. Layer in steps:

What do you think?!?! Makes it a bit easier and less daunting huh? I am sure that the majority of you are thinking, seriously, I live this, I know how to dress for it. But the girls like me...not so much. So, here's to hoping that this helps those of you like me figure out how to dress in the cold out there. 

*photos and layout for by way of ney


Nicole said...

those hot pink flats are fantastic!!!

Jesica said...

Love your 1, 2, 3 for layering! All I have to say is that flats aren't going to be good shoes for the cold and snow =) Boots and socks!

Daniela said...

great step by step post! layering is definitely your best friend for winter

chanel said...

Luckily, there was NO snow in Chicago. None in the ground or in the sky so flats it was for the day and boots with high socks at night. :)

Carly said...

Love the shape of the bag.