DIY: terrarium

Terrariums are the perfect way to have an easy going house plant that provides a mini world of wonder. I love looking inside the terrarium, all closed in, and imagined a teeny tiny world inside with creatures hiding under every leaf. 

Hopefully this how-to for your home inspires you to make something beautiful for yourself or someone you know would adore it. It really isn't hard or expensive. 

I made these as a Mother's Day gift last year. I don't think there is anything better for a mom than the time you can spend with her and a gift that you made. 

So, let's get started...shall we?

similar found here:

similar found here:

These are the plants I used...

You want plants that will take well to a lot of humidity with the lid on the apothecary jar. When you go to a nursery they can tell you about what plants are best suited for a terrarium as well as the light in the room you plan to have them in. 


Simply add a homemade gift tag like this...

I loved this quote because it was both about growth (like the plants) and about love & beauty. Perfect for Mother's Day no?

All I used for this was a wooden tag, some wash tape, lace packing tape, & color coded dot labels. 

Hopefully this inspires to you to make a terrarium of your own or one for someone you love. If you have any questions please ask! It was super fun to make and my mama loved it!


katie vowels said...

very nice! great idea for mother's day! xo

vanessa (the gal) said...

LOVE! i plan on making Tyler's mom one of these bad boys for Mother's Day, but with succulents! Great DIY Mama!

xo, Vanessa

Cait said...

This is such a great mother's day gift!!! Thank you!

Kira said...

They are so pretty, great idea!

The Not Quite Military Wife said...

This was such an awesome DIY, cannot wait to try it!